This is How a Corporation Gets Selected as a Target

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Posted by: RebelSkum

Posting time: 10 hours ago on 12/31/2016 7:24:02 AM

Last edit time: 8 hours ago on 12/31/2016 9:16:27 AM

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Pizzagate Wiki being hacked from our DynCorp page by an IP in Waltham, MA, home of Raytheon/DynCorp (pizzagate)

submitted 10 hours ago by RebelSkum

I’m the current admin of the Pizzagate Wiki:

I have evidence that an IP,, accessed our DynCorp page and proceeded to create the same spam attack situation which had brought down the Pizzagate Review but was unsuccessful this second time.

When I looked into our analytics the page itself was being accessed by Waltham, Massachusetts. As it turns out, that’s the headquarters for Raytheon. “The Raytheon Company is a major U.S. defense contractor and industrial corporation with core manufacturing concentrations in weapons and military and commercial electronics” and additionally cyberdefense. They are deeply connected to DynCorp, and a quick search can prove that. “DynCorp is also interested in participating with Raytheon, as either a prime or a subcontractor” for instance (

A literal “Raytheon/Dyncorp” Facebook listing for a company of that name:

I don’t know how many have followed the story of the Wiki thus far, but this isn’t the first time the website has been targeted. This time, however, we were prepared.

Keep up the good fight, fellow pizzagators,



Will publish analytics information tomorrow if necessary, but I also have the IP accessing the DynCorp page and subsequently becoming spam. Honestly, it’s safe to say whoever started the attack attempted to do so from Waltham.

Update 2: Next attack came from from the DynCorp page again.

So far, both IP addresses can be found listed at Wilmington, Delaware here:

Update 3: Next attack came from another address,, but still listed as Wilmington, DE. This time, I could find whois information saying this is at 1521 Concord Pike in Wilmington, Delaware

Note: Every one of these attacks starts with a direct landing on the DynCorp page

Update 4 – User JrSlimss points out a recent update which appears to be the possible motive for the attack:

I think I know why I pissed them off. I think it related to my comment on Voat which had the Pizzagate.Wiki link. Repasted as follows:

” Fun fact: As many know, Claude D’Estree, who is murdered researcher Monica Petersen’s colleague and is the most outspoken about her not investigating the Clinton Foundation, previously worked for DynCorp. However, D’Estree didn’t just work for DynCorp – he was their direct link to the US Attorney’s Office during DynCorp’s biggest child trafficking scandal which took place in Bosnia in 1999. The US Attorney’s Office that should have been prosecuting DynCorp, but never did. That whole incident was so big it literally got turned into a Hollywood movie called the Whistleblower with Rachel Weisz. (Link) “

Ok, so why that pissed them off. The thing we linked that it doesn’t seem like anyone else really focused on? That DynCorp had its employees working within the US Attorney’s Office as contractors at the time DynCorp should have been under investigation by the office for the 1999 Bosnia child/women trafficking scandal. After finding this (link) and if my guess is correct, this should have been a major conflict of interest by the US Attorney’s Office and the issue should have left the US Attorney’s Offices’ control and gone to the Office of the Inspector General – an independent party. It doesn’t seem like that transfer ever happened. If correct, this is the sort of thing that deserves a congressional investigation.


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[–] fact-checking-pg 48 points (+48|-0) 9 hours ago 

The massive censorship is one of the best indicators this is 100% real

[–] MegynKellyOfficial 15 points (+15|-0) 8 hours ago (edited 8 hours ago)

They are shameless. I take such pleasure in knowing they are scrambling. This is only the beginning.

Your sins shall seek you out John Podesta.

[–] Herbvendor 0 points (+0|-0) 10 minutes ago 

It’s like turning on a light in the kitchen and watching the roaches scatter, BUT WE HAVE A MOTHERFUCKING FLAMETHROWER!!!!!!! KIYAAAA BITCHES

[–] Stormtrooperx52 4 points (+4|-0) 6 hours ago 

Yupp….Nobody goes nuts unless the stakes are high enough. Probably a bunch of investors that are scared to see key players go down for the kid sex. They don’t all support the kid sex, they are simply shitting their pants because the 5 million they invested was supposed to turn into 20 Million. Podesta probably guaranteed 400% + returns on investments and now shit hit the fan and that GUARANTEE isnt looking so good anymore.

[–] GoHeadBeGoneWithIt 2 points (+2|-0) 4 hours ago 

HOLY CRAP! I just wanna say that the Pizzagate Wiki is amazing. Good job to whoever created it!

[–] asdfghjkl123456789 23 points (+23|-0) 9 hours ago 

They’re doing what they do every time. Lie, discredit, infiltrate, intimidate.

This is a GOOD thing. The lower-level guys probably don’t know how fucked-up the regime is, and they’re going to find out here. Former intelligence people that wake up are the most dangerous to the tyrants.

[–] DarkMath 20 points (+20|-0) 8 hours ago  (edited 8 hours ago)

Evidently Raytheon and Dyncorp are unaware of the internet’s ability to harness what is increasingly looking like a new and incredibly powerful yet non-lethal weapon known as “Millions of pissed off people who are sick and tired of corporations abusing their power at the expense of in this case poor black throw away Haitian children by the likes of Laura Silsby and her convicted human trafficker ‘lawyer’ Jorge Puello and are entirely capable of raising tidal waves of awareness among institutional investors who would quite likely divest of aforementioned corporations given their extreme reluctance to associate with any unethical or unjust behavior.”………Just sayin’. 😉

[–] KnewAmericanCentury 2 points (+2|-0) 7 hours ago 

This is a moral scandal far bigger than the banking scandal, imho. They are shaming our country. Bad!

[–] Freed0mFighter 11 points (+11|-0) 6 hours ago  (edited 6 hours ago)


[–] Vindicator 7 points (+7|-0) 5 hours ago  (edited 5 hours ago)

Shit, OP. A week or so ago I started a thread about Craig Murray warning about severe nastiness coming from defense contractors:

I linked a great analysis piece, but here is his original interview that article quotes:

In discussing Seth Rich, Murray says

“But people do die over this sort of stuff. There were billions of dollars – literally billions of dollars – behind Hillary Clinton’s election campaign and those people have lost their money. “You have also to remember that there’s a big financial interest – particularly in the armaments industry – in a bad American relationship with Russia and the worse the relationship with Russia is the larger contracts the armaments industry can expect especially in the most high-tech high-profit side of fighter jets and missiles and that kind of thing.

“And Trump has actually already indicated he’s looking to make savings on the defense budget particularly in things like fighter [jet] projects. So, there are people standing to lose billions of dollars and anybody who thinks in that situation bad things don’t happen to people is very naive”

What’s interesting is Murray is the ex-UK ambassador to Uzbekistan who resigned and turned whistle-blower over human trafficking.

Today we had this thread about Mr. X who describes Uzbekistan as a CP hub.

[–] garlicbulb 6 points (+6|-0) 4 hours ago  (edited 4 hours ago)

Just linking this thread to this thread DynCorp employees hire 15-year-old boy to strip dance for them. Hillary Clinton covers it up because she received money from DynCorp.

[–] The_Invincible_Moose 6 points (+6|-0) 8 hours ago 

Certain the IP isn’t being spoofed?

[–] RebelSkum [S] 6 points (+6|-0) 7 hours ago 

There’s starting to be some variation between attacks now, and not all are from the U.S. However, the original 3 attacks were and the first was indeed from Waltham. More alarmingly, however, is that every single spam user (5 as of now) has started at the DynCorp page. Mind you, there are no files on the DynCorp page, only text and links. Somebody hates that page with fervor and money to blow.

[–] SChalice 1 points (+1|-0) 3 hours ago 

I would never try to attack someone from anything associated with my office IPs. As McAfee says, if it looks like it came from the Russians, then it definitely wasn’t.

[–] MaryWolf 6 points (+6|-0) 8 hours ago 

I worked at Raytheon in Waltham back in the 90’s assembling patriot missiles.

[–] RebelSkum [S] 5 points (+5|-0) 8 hours ago 

I was scratching my head for the longest time at what could possibly be in Waltham, but then my face melted at the coincidence. Every attack has been targeted at the DynCorp page it would seem

[–] stelioskontos 1 points (+1|-0) 1.7 hours ago 

The Waltham office didn’t open until 2003

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