Sudden Enlightenment and The Lion of God

Keep fighting against the people who would control you. You’re being played against each other by a secretive aristocracy. This is not a regional problem. Borders are arbitrary.

I won’t always be here. When I’m gone, there will be others like me collating data. Keep the information alive and flowing. Keep learning. Keep growing.

If you ever read this Kiara, I’m sorry about the past and I hope you’ll always remember me fondly. I’m proud of you and happy for you. You’ll always have a friend who loves you

Anticipate good things and flow with the bad. Live generously. Enjoy the things you have and the people around you.

I can make the argument for living a life of rebellion for the sake of righteousness. But what is righteousness? By all means, strive to make the world better, however you can.

Ignore the title, it’s a coded message to some important people.