Mizugorou and The Black Book

If it wasn’t for the /i/ board wiki (Partyvan/insurgen), Hackers Black Book, and millw0rm this project wouldn’t even exist.

Hackers Black Book is buried somewhere in this site. It’s all dated information but it’s still interesting to read.

It’s like channeling ghosts. Seeing the long forgotten words of some young coder who’s “moved on” or like Millw0rm guy who died.

I never knew who compiled the Black Book. It was a collection of materials gathered over a period of time. Basically a Bible of internet hooliganism.

It had really old stuff like making free phone calls. (Which was a big deal in it’s time.) No current use whatsoever. Nostalgia value priceless.

You can still see the Partyvan homepage using the Wayback machine. If you like looking at dead links and Mizugorou.