Hello World!

Welcome Coders.

As much anything, this is a library of links to relevant materials. The data ranges from entry level coding to advanced malware development and penetration testing. These things change with time, but it is about preserving the history with us as it is about teaching anything.

You can learn everything you need if you do the work. We canโ€™t teach you to be the sort of person who hacks away at a problem or randomly thinks to test parameters on an input. You either have a mind to take something apart to see if it works or you donโ€™t.

Everything you need to become a godtier coder is available online for free. You just have to know the right input to access it.

Ask the right questions

On a personal note, right and wrong are social conventions largely in the adult world. Also, Spider-Man is a menace.

Also, don’t brag if you accomplish something. It’s gauche.

-The Editors